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 Couples Counseling

These are weekly sessions. Depending on your needs, sessions may be a mix of individual and couple sessions.  These sessions are an ideal fit for couples who want to tackle ongoing issues, deepen friendship and connection, and learn and practice new skills.  They are a great option for those with flexible schedules and a long-term commitment to growth and change.  My office is located in White Plains, NY.

Couples Intensives

These are one day (3 hours) or two day (six hours) sessions. They are an ideal fit for couples who want to make progress fast, and come to resolution on specific issues.  They are a good option for people who find traditional therapy too time intensive, have difficulty getting away from work or life on a weekly basis, and want to do a "deep dive" on specific issues.
They are fully customizable, and can be held on a weekend or weekday.

In Home Therapy

These are weekly sessions or intensives held in your home.  They are useful for couples who need to prioritize convenience due to demanding schedules.  There is an additional travel fee for sessions held in the home.  

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